BMW X6 Facelift Review & Test Drive

BMW X6 Overview

The X6 combines a coupe’s fastback roofline and a crossover’s high-riding capability—with polarizing results. The unusual styling results in reduced cargo space—which is its Achilles’ heel—but those seeking a nontraditional aesthetic in their SUV will have to live with less practicality. Its road manners illustrate that the BMW badge no longer represents the benchmark for driver engagement, although the company still builds superb engines. The X6 supports its luxury bona fides with a beautifully crafted interior and a robust infotainment system. Unfortunately, it’s easy to balloon the bottom line with options. While the X6 makes a strong visual statement, crossover buyers will pay more for less with this bemusing Bimmer View offers on BMW Cars from BMW dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop

BMW X6 Look

The BMW X5 has a lot going for it. It is the evolution of BMW’s design language through and through and even wears the largest BMW kidney grille to date. That grille is also a one-piece unit that obviously put engineers to the test when it came to updating the design without sacrificing the iconic look. As such, the new X6 will get that same look. It will also feature the same headlights with half hexagonal LEDs, the big (and fake) corner intakes, and the revised air dam that gives it a sportier and more luxurious look.These renderings depict the same general body lines found on the X5, making the next-gen X6 appear identical below the waist. But, take that with a grain of salt as BMW my changing things up just a little bit. What will really set it apart is the coupe-style roof, which will carry a slightly more aggressive slant due to the longer and wider body. The rear glass will also be a bit larger for that very same reason.

The rear end is where things get a little funky, though as the same hatch from the X5 can’t carry over. If BMW goes with the same exact styling as seen here, the rear hatch will look very weird with a 90-degree bend at the waistline. Expect to see BMW compensate here by making the lower portion of the hatch shorter. This could leave room for a different rear fascia that is taller and maybe even more aggressive.The other thing that remains questionable is whether or not the X6 will get a rise in ride height as the X5 did. It’s designed as a high-sitting coupe, but the extra ride height could make it even more awkward than it already is. With the slightly lower roofline, and maybe even a slight drop in suspension the next-gen X6 could actually look pretty sporty. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

BMW X6 Comfort

Climb into these high riding SUVs and you are greeted by familiar looking cabins. Up front, in both these cars, the space is fantastic and there’s enough headroom, legroom and width. The sporty front seats have wide range of adjustments that allows you to find an ideal driving position with ease. The seats are also finished in fine-grain Merino leather with contrast stitching and they also sport an M badge in the back rests. Both these cars have a similar cabin as compared to the standard car. But to help them stand out BMW has added M leather steering wheel with gearshift paddles, Head-Up display, door sill plates with M logo and a bespoke M gearshift lever.

And it’s not just the seats and the upholstery that brag the M badge, but there is also an M- spec instrument cluster that displays loads of information. The centre console boasts of an iDrive screen which is controlled via the round knob located next to the gearshift lever. The cabin is ergonomically friendly with minimal buttons scattering the cabin. Moving to the rear while the X5 has a very comfortable seat with loads of space, the same can’t be said of the X6. Due to the tapering roof-line BMW had to scoop out the cabin roof to allow as much headroom as possible. But there’s no getting away from the fact that anyone of above-average height will probably feel cramped, especially given the X6’s small rear windows. Even the rearward visibility through that small rear windshield is heavily restricted which makes reversing and parking a nightmare.

BMW X6 Gearbox

Expect the X6 to drop the 35i trim and carry on its next run at life with the 40i being the entry-level model. Power output should mirror that of the X5, too will the 40i delivering 340 horsepower and 331 pound-feet of torque. The 50i name will carry over but will deliver a slight increase in power as well, bring total output up to 462 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. The 40i will use the usual inline-six configuration and will be paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The 50i gets the same transmission but is, of course, a V-8.

There will also be two diesel engines available, however, these weren’t available in the U.S. with the current-gen model so they too may be limited to other markets this time around. I’m talking about the 30d trim with a diesel-drinking inline-six that’s good for 265 horsepower and the V-8 50d with 400 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque. Don’t hold your breath on these to cross the pond but if you live anywhere in Europe, they should be a prime offering.As far as towing goes, the X6 has traditionally offered the same capacity as the X5, so you can expect to haul as much as 2,700 kg or about 6,000 pounds. Because of the X6’s sleeker design and the new active grille system, the X6 may end up being a little more fuel efficient this time around though, so it will definitely have that going for it. Expect total payload numbers to carry over unchanged, which should be fine given the limited space in the boot.

BMW X6 Rideing

Dynamically, both these SUVs feel more cultured, rather than nerve-wracking. They ride on an electronically controlled front and air suspension at the rear. They also sit around 10mm lower than the standard models. The Drive Select system allows you to alter their character, with more direct throttle and heavier steering in Dynamic mode and more absorbent damping in Comfort setting. The cars ride on 20-inch standard Pirelli P Zero tyres and the amount of grip they offer is staggering. You can carry loads of speed through the fast corners and these SUVs only feel heavy and ungainly in the slower corners. Even the intelligent all-wheel-drive system give them loads of traction and helps put all the 567 horses down with minimal drama. However, the steering, though nicely weighted, lacks the ultimate feedback and feels slightly artificial. The X6 M like its appearance feels sportier than the X5 with a sharper turn-in and in general, it feels more agile. Both these cars felt quite stiffly sprung, but we can only tell you more when we drive them on the road. The braking power comes from the huge M-spec brakes and they felt reassuring with good pedal feel.#

BMW X6 Safety

Among the safety features on offing six airbags, stability control, traction control, dynamic stability control including dynamic traction control, cornering brake control, side impact protection, engine vehicle immobilizer, crash sensor and hill descent control are included.

BMW X6 Price in Hyderabad

Bmw X6 Ex-Showroom Price in Hyderabad ranges from 94,15,000/- (X6 xDrive 35i M Sport) to 1,77,70,000/- (X6 M STD). Get best offers for Bmw X6 from Bmw Dealers in Hyderabad. Check for BMW X6 price in Hyderabad at Carzprice

BMW X6 Bottomline

Good things don’t come cheap, and in the case of these two SUVs this statement is more than true. The X6 M is priced at Rs 1.6 crore and the X5 M at Rs 1.55 crore. While the X5 M scores highly in terms of practicality with its big boot and comfortable cabin, the X6 M on the other hand scores a big zero. It is a bit cramped and even the boot is tiny as compared to the X5. But then it looks different and it surely packs more appeal than the X5.

But where both these SUVs excel is in the way they can outrun most sports cars and stand out of the crowd in most parking lots. But what’s really appealing is the fact that these cars can feel at home on a smooth race track as they can on our rough roads.

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