Tata Tiago Facelift First Drive

Tata Tiago Overview

Tata Motors tasted success in the private car segment with the Indica when it was launched in 1998. The vehicle continues to be sold today but there was no replacement for it in spite of the Vista and later the Bolt coming along. This is solely because the Indica is largely sold to the commercial segment like fleet operators and thus isn’t appealing to private car buyers anymore. To fill this void, the company has developed an all new car which sits between the Nano and Bolt. Its most ambitious project of late, the Tata Tiago has been developed from scratch in just 3 years. After seeing it camouflaged since months and referring it to as Kite (codename), we finally get behind the wheel of what could be a game changer for the Indian auto giant.View offers on Tata Cars from Tata dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop


Tata Tiago Exterior

When we first saw the Tiago enter the test drive venue and come to a stop in front of us, the only thing that proclaimed it to be a Tata product was the T-insignia on the front grille. Changes are indeed so IMPACT-full that the Tiago just doesn’t look like any other Tata car currently on offer. It is the first car to be launched under the manufacturer’s #MadeOfGreat Campaign, and also https://www.topspeed.in/cars/tata/ke3001.html first to be built on the all-new IMPACT design language. And if you ask us, the start just can’t get any better!

Upfront, the Tiago gets a smiling face, that houses a vertically stacked honey-comb grille, housing the new 3-D Tata emblem. Blacked-out halogen headlamps have been placed on both sides of the grille that impart an all-new character to the car. The front profile also gets circular fog lamps placed towards the lower bumper area, while the slim air-dam section has been seamlessly integrated with the bumper design. The front nose has a unique roundish touch to it while the front hood gets subtle crease lines which go well with the overall exterior design.

The side profile of the hatch gets a prominent crease line which starts from the rear taillamp area and finishes almost near the front wings. This characteristic line successfully lightens the overall visual bulk of the car’s side, thus making it look a lot more dynamic. The Tiago is actually based on the X1 platform, but the wheel arches now have lesser gaps. This makes the hatch appear even more planted and appealing. The rear profile of the car gets wrap around taillamps, a rear spoiler and rear windscreen wiper. A wide blacked-out area near the rear number plate housing again manages to decrease the car’s visual weight, while adding a pinch of ruggedness to its overall character.

Tata Tiago Interior

Enter the Tata Tiago, and you are bound to be left amazed. Earlier Tata Cars have always been accused of featuring low quality interiors, but the Tiago definitely breaks this assumption. The quality of materials used and the way all parts have been laid out is an unprecedented design in any Tata car. Designers have given the dashboard a dual-tone treatment, with the lower part adorning a beige shade, while the upper half gets a black tone. The three-spoke steering wheel is a straight lift from the Bolt/Zest siblings, and gets multi-function buttons on the top-end variant that help the driver to control the infotainment system and calling functions.

The instrument cluster gets a twin-pod design, while an MID screen is located in the middle to display all important parameters like fuel economy, trip meter, tank range and instantaneous FE. Another important design element of the dash is the centre console, that houses the advanced Harmon Kardon infotainment system. The entire console has been slightly tilted towards the driver in order to impart a driver-oriented feel to the cabin. AC Vents get a piano black surround, while the knobs and buttons on the Head Unit get subtle chrome treatment.

Move to the rear, and the sense of spaciousness leaves you in amazement. Though the Tiago gets a shorter wheelbase in comparison to the Grand i10 and Celerio, the interior space has been optimized to liberate just enough legroom. Seats too offer decent support and are well padded, but a fifth-occupant might feel uncomfortable due to the narrow bench width and lacking under-thigh support.For convenience of occupants, Tata Motors has provided 22 utility spaces inside the cabin, which help in carrying small required things with ease. The Tiago also gets 240 Litres of boot space, and gets shopping bag hooks as well. So far, this car has plenty of little inputs inside the cabin and at the bootspace to attract you toward it. The Tiago just borrows the floor pan from EV2 while every other bits and panels of the car is all new.

Tata Tiago Gearbox

The Tiago comes with diesel as well as a petrol engine option. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.The 1.05 litre diesel engine in the Tiago develops about 69 bhp of power. It also sports the highest torque figures of 140 Nm between 1800-3000 rpm in the segment. The three-cylinder diesel motor is the first of the new-generation motors from the Revotorq family. It gets dual overhead camshafts and central injectors. Tata have worked upon the technical details, optimizing the valve lift and giving it a low-friction crank to ensure optimum fuel efficiency. They have also worked hard on the cost-of-ownership factor, by improving the reliability and the life-cycle of key engine components like the timing belt, the auxiliary belt and the filters used.

The 1.2 litre petrol motor develops about 84 bhp and 115 Nm of peak torque at 3500 rpm. It comes with Variable Cam Timing (VCT-i) and a variable oil-pump to improve efficiency. Tata have given this engine a durable chain-drive system, hydraulic lash adjusters and an auto-tensioner to drive down cost of ownership.Both engines have been tuned for drivability and maximum fuel-efficiency. To aid-this, they get Tata’s signature multi-drive mode – City and Eco. The former is the default mode on, while the Eco mode is switchable. The diesel feels a lot peppier, being eager to drive. Turbo-lag is minimal and there is little hesitation between gears. Thanks to the best-in-class torque and the well-chosen gear ratios, the car tracks stable and true even on the highway. Overtaking is a breeze and one can cruise comfortably at ton-up speeds. The petrol engine is better suited to pottering about in the city. With highway driving requiring the engine to be kept on the boil. Overtaking manoeuvres are best planned in advance and aided hugely by dropping a gear. Drivability is good, though one can feel the torque difference after driving the diesel engine.

Tata Tiago Driving

Tata Motors has always found a good balance of ride and handling for its cars and the Tiago is no different. The suspension set-up is on the stiffer side (more so on the diesel with the extra weight) but the dual-path suspension and the tuning of the shock-ups is just right, ensuring even the worst of roads are dealt without ruffling a feather. Potholes or even jumping speed-breakers doesn’t affect the Tiago much and the ride quality is better on the petrol model but not by a mile. Straight line stability is good too and the vehicle remains composed at triple digit speeds, the Goodyear Assurance tyres offering surefooted grip levels.

The Tata Tiago has good handling with body roll being well contained but just like other Tata cars (UVs not included), understeer kicks in sharply once you up the speed through a corner. The understeer mostly comes up when you are driving fast around sharp bends with 75-degree plus turns, otherwise the car can be quite fun as the steering offers good feedback although it lacks some feel at the centre. The EPAS does centre quickly, thereby reducing effort when taking u-turns or parking. The brakes perform well to stop the car in its stride, no locking up thanks to Bosch’s 9th generation ABS with EBD, there is Corner Stability Control too.

Tata Tiago Safety

Tata Motors has stressed that they plan to produce exceptionally safe cars in the future. In-line with these plans, the Tata Tiago gets dual front airbags and ABS on the top-end trim for the safety of the passengers. Tata has also taken special care of the safety of the occupants and thus the company has provided a special safety pack on the XE, XM and XT trim as well, available at an extra cost of just INR. 18,000. We strongly recommend this safety pack for anyone who is looking to buy the lower variants of the Tata Tiago.

Tata Tiago Cost in Bangalore

Tata Tiago On-Road Price in Bangalore ranges from 3,91,617 to 6,97,809 for variants Tiago Revotron XB and Tiago Revotorq XZ respectively. Tata Tiago is available in 21 variants and 6 colours. Below are details of Tata Tiago variants price in Bangalore. check for Tiago price in Bangalore at carzprice

Tata Tiago Final Words

As a product, the Tiago comes out rather strongly in the segment. The styling is a big win as well as the hugely improved interiors. The diesel would be our pick overall between the two cars. It does go up against some well-entrenched competition in the form of the Hyundai i10 Grand and the Maruti Celerio. Our initial feel is that the Tiago twins have what it takes to take the fight to the competition, but pricing is going to be the key here. If Tata have to make a mark in the segment, they will have to undercut the competition on the pricing front.

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