From the beginning, many industry experts couldn’t see Twitter becoming the success that it has become. Even today, Twitter is rated second in the social media game and experts agree that it may be on borrowed time. With all of the success and growth Twitter has enjoyed, why are experts saying that it might not have the financial strength and strategic smarts to overcome its problems and become a thriving communication platform and profitable operation?   For more details Visit SEO Agency London. What are the problems that Twitter is facing? Let’s take a closer look: The Decline of Twitter Although Twitter stock (TWTR) has gained 25% in recent months, its revenues have been steadily declining in 2017. In fact, Twitter has never turned a profit and in 2016, the platform…
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What Are H-1B Challenges & H-1B Denial

                                               H-1B Challenges Because of the exact nature of the immigration process, complications can easily arise from unique circumstances. Working closely with an immigration attorney can help you decide if these challenges apply to you and what you can do about them. If you are the founder, co-founder, or sole proprietor of the company that you wish to work through, then you will be fulfilling the role of both the employer and the employee, which is not accepted by the USCIS. If the structure of your company allows for a board of directors to pay you instead of you paying yourself, you may be able to secure an…
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