What Are Breast Augmentation Risks You Should Know!

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But before going on, what is breast augmentation? It is a surgical procedure that includes the use of breast implants or fat transfer with the goal of enlarging one or two breast, and most of the times this procedure is being done to enlarge the volume of the breasts cosmetically, of aesthetical reasons.

However, sometimes augmentation is needed to correct asymmetry, which is present at most of the women round the world, and it is also being used for corrective purposes, such as restoring breast volume after breast feeding or weight reduction, or after mastectomy or injury. Whatever the reason, the end goal is breasts enlargement, and while there are two methods, it is a very well known that implants are being used far more than fat transfer.

Breast implants are made out of silicon shell that can be filled with silicon or saline (sterile salt water), and while the first one gives a bigger volume, the second one is a bit safer-ish! Ish because it is not risk free and saline breast implant carry with it other risk besides the risks it shares with silicon based implant.

All surgery is going to be risky to some extent, including breast augmentation, but there are ways to keep this risk as low as possible. To know more details on Breast Augmentation check Aryavarta

If you have some concerns and are hesitant to schedule your surgery, here are a few things that you can do to minimise any risks associated with this life-changing surgery.

Minimising Breast Augmentation Risks are as follows :

Select the right surgeon

It can’t be stressed enough how important this decision is. Choosing the right surgeon will significantly reduce your surgery risks. Your surgeon should be qualified with a FRACS or an equivalent, have thorough experience with different types of breast augmentation and have the support of knowledgeable staff. Lastly, they should also be operating out of an accredited facility.

Think carefully about your implant choices

Implants and fat grafting are the two choices available to women looking to enhance the size of their breasts and each option comes with its own set of pros and cons. With implants, there are risks around implant rupture and infection but today’s silicone implants are of a superior quality and the risk of this happening is very low.

There is, of course, also the option of saline implants, which are safer. Some say that fat transfer is the safer option because it uses your body’s natural fat. However, with fat transfer to the breasts, you are only able to increase your size by up to 2 cup sizes and there is the chance of cysts and lumpiness of the breasts after your surgery. If you want further details on your options, always get your breast surgery information from a trusted clinic.

Look into your implant placement options

Breast augmentation patients will have the option to place their implant in front of or behind the muscle. Both options have a downside but placing the implant behind the muscle is known to produce the least risks and the most natural-looking results. Your surgeon will be able to provide you with more details on your implant placement options and the pros and cons of each.

Be involved in choosing an anaesthetist

While most surgeons have a good relationship with their anaesthetist, you still have the right to be involved in the selection of one. Your anaesthetist will play a vitally important role during your surgery, which means it’s worth making sure that they have the relevant qualifications and experience before you agree to have them involved in your breast augmentation.

Choose the right surgical facility

Where your surgery is performed is just as important as who’s performing it so find out whether the clinic is accredited to the National Standards before you go ahead and schedule your surgery. These specific standards ensure that the equipment, staff and management processes are of the highest level.

If you still have some concerns, bring them up with your surgeon during your consultation so that a professional can provide you with direct answers that will help you feel more at ease with your breast augmentation surgery.

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