Audi Q3 Facelift First Look Review

Audi Q3 Overview One of Audi’s highest selling vehicles has got an update. The 2017 Audi Q3 was recently introduced, and now it even gets a 1.4-litre petrol engine. This is the first Audi Q vehicle to get a petrol engine, at least in India. The price of the petrol engine is INR 36 lakhs (on-road, New Delhi). The changes are majorly limited to the addition of new variants and some minor changes too. As the luxury compact SUV are one of the highest selling options, the German luxury automaker has introduced the Q3 with a lesser powerful version of the 2.0-litre diesel engine. There are some more changes in this variant too. Read further to know more about the 2017 Audi Q3 Price in India, Specifications, Variants and other…
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Breast Augmentation Surgery & Things To Do After The Surgery

Although breast enlargement is a cosmetic surgery, it requires special attention and recovery time. There is some pain and discomfort involved with the treatment and recovery process may take somewhere from two weeks to almost a month. There are several breast clinics that provide all kinds of treatment for your breast problems like breast augmentation. Your doctor will discuss with you the Important things to know about breast augmentation and what to expect during and after surgery, but they concentrate on major details like incision care and how to avoid any complications as well as infections. Breast augmentation surgery and things to do after the surgery. Purchase a comfortable pillow for reading – The doctors recommend sleeping in a reclined or an upright position on the back for a week…
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H-1B Transfer Background

An H-1B transfer is the best course of action for individuals who are currently on H-1B visa status but want to transfer their status to a different employer. Unlike the regular H-1B season, these are not subject to quota restrictions so the new employer can submit an H-1B visa transfer petition to USCIS at any point–assuming there are no non-compete clauses or agreements in effect at the time. Any unlawful acts in the U.S. may also jeopardize the ability for the H-1B transfer petition to be approved. Individuals may elect for regular H-1B transfer processing or H-1B transfer premium processing to have it expedited. Check for Employment Visa Process in UT Evaluators. H-1B Transfer Background Essentially an H-1B transfer follows the same process as the regular H-1B visa in terms of…
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