Mercedes Benz GLC Class Review & Test Drive

Mercedes Benz GLC Class Overview It’s hard to believe that after Maruti, it’s Mercedes that has the widest model range in India. What’s even harder to believe is that there exists a big hole in Mercedes’ burgeoning portfolio, which has taken ages to fill. Now finally, the long, long overdue Mercedes GLC is finally here to plug that crucial gap in the meat of Mercedes’ SUV range, which happens to be bang in between the compact GLA and the meaty GLE. So far, Mercedes could only helplessly watch potential mid-size luxury SUV buyers turn to the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 instead, but now, the GLC is here with a vengeance to spoil its rivals’ party. But can it steal their sales? To know the answer, we took the GLC…
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How To Make A WordPress Website – Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

So, you’ve finally decided to get started with a blog? You’ve spent quite some time deciding what to blog about. And, oh, you’ve seen WordPress getting recommended by almost everyone (including me) and want it too? As a beginner, there will be a number of mistakes you will make for sure when setting up your first WordPress (or even the next ones)! Trust me, I’ve done them all after 3 years of working with WordPress and setting up about 10 WordPress websites. God, I wish I knew everything I know now as I would have saved a lot of time! Here is what we will see in this step-by-step guide: Why Be Concerned about the Speed of Your WordPress Site? Time is money in a very literal sense when it…
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