How To Use Online Marketing To Grow Your Real Estate Business

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The majority of buyers start their home search online. They search current listings and look for the right real estate agent to help them through the buying process.

With luxury real estate, the impact of online marketing is even more powerful. To attract and keep affluent clients, agencies must project an image of luxury from the start.

You can’t be sure when a lead will first become aware of your brand. That may come from a blog post, social media, listing, or webinar. With that in mind, it’s crucial to have a multi-pronged online marketing strategy that always puts your best face forward.

Many real estate agents are partnering with luxury communities or homebuilders to appeal to a discerning clientele.To know more info on SEO Agency for Real Estate check Realty DS.

Here’s how your online marketing strategy can help you do it the right way.

Understand Your Audience and Their Motivations

Consumers aged 37 to 51 have the highest household income overall. The average luxury buyer is 46 years old and has assets over $8 million, plus more than $2.5 million in existing real estate holdings. The spread of 14 years represents a critical generational divide, so understand the value proposition from the customer’s perspective: Is it prestige, future income, or something else?

Reach Out to Established Luxury Influencers

Affluent consumers are sought out by people who want to sell them something. Many of them are executives who structure their day around deflecting unwanted attention from would-be vendors. By tapping social influencers they already trust, you get around the “gatekeeper.” That makes your offer far more likely to get a fair hearing.

Have Multiple Methods of Getting in Touch

Just because a customer is affluent, it doesn’t mean he or she has assistants to do everything. It’s crucial to make the process of getting in contact as seamless and streamlined as possible. Make it simple for leads to reach out by email, online contact form, or telephone. Consider using more advanced methods, like chat, to provide 24-hour “round the clock” customer care.

Use Legacy Social Media the Right Way

When luxury buyers are on the hunt for a property, their media consumption grows. One area that sees a marked increase is social media. Older buyers focus on Facebook, so connecting to them through others in their social sphere is a possibility. Millennials, on the other hand, are firmly entrenched in Instagram: Photos and videos are most persuasive for them.

Make Space for LinkedIn in Your Plan

Of all the social media networks out there, LinkedIn deserves special mention for luxury-focused brands. LinkedIn is already known as a B2B lead engine, making it perfect to access high-value, career-focused leaders. Start your own LinkedIn Group, be an active expert in related Groups, and make introductions when you notice anyone who may be in the market.

Optimize for Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most important factors in local search marketing. When you claim your free business listing from GMB, it is much easier to appear in highlighted map results when people search for luxury real estate. Providing your address, phone number, and website link only takes a few minutes and also helps expose leads to your glowing reviews.For more information on Real Estate Marketing visit Cssn

Craft a Branded Luxury Experience

Even if you cater to all kinds of clients, your affluent buyers expect the white glove and the velvet rope. A standalone site with luxury branding can be an excellent way to emphasize your credibility. Think black and silver, airy panoramic views, and a personalized experience that appeals to “insiders.” Strip away any unnecessary elements and aim for elegance in your site’s design.

Work Extra Hard on Property Staging

Crisp, professional photos in great lighting are essential in real estate. They become even more vital for the luxury consumer. After cleaning and clearing rooms, consider how staging can suffuse them with a luxurious air. For example, it’s not out of place to put high-value art on a few walls or use a Steinway piano as a decorative element.

Push Tech Boundaries, But Don’t Insist

Virtual tours give clients the sense of being right there in person on your property or in your luxury community. They are generated using videos, photos stitched together in a panorama, or “augmented reality.” Just remember that not all of your customers will be tech-savvy: Those who want to keep things simple should still taste the grandeur of what you have to offer.

Even experienced real estate pros can find it challenging to position themselves in luxury real estate and secure those all-important first few clients. To get a running start, work with experts who understand the market.

Our team helps you create a magnetic digital presence that reflects sophistication. To find out more about building luxury real estate marketing strategies, contact Realty DS Media Group today.

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