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Skoda Superb Overview

Disney has made its mark because it has created characters that have been relatable and when you think about Uncle Scrooge, you are reminded of those who want more for less. In 2009, when Skoda came out with the Superb, that was exactly what they brought to the table considering that there were rivals in the markets in the form of the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. The big flaw that it had was on the design front and yes, it looked a bit stretched, out of proportion even and that translated into it becoming a limo of sorts.

Compared to its cousin, the Volkswagen Passat, the Superb clearly didn’t look as compact or feel like one either and there were a lot of expectations when the company announced that the 3rd generation of the car was on its way to India. Well, it’s finally here and this is what it looks like. There’s a lot that it borrows from the other Skoda, the Octavia, and this is visible in the way it looks. But the biggest change that we’ve seen in the car is its shape.

The previous gen had the distinction of being called a limo, and that was probably because of the way the C-Pillar of the car was designed, but the 3rd gen of the Superb gets a more Coupe-ish C-pillar, which brings it in line and makes it look proportionate.

Skoda Superb Exteriors

Extensively redesigned now, the Skoda Superb is sharper to look at. It’s based on the vision C concept showcased at the Geneva motor show 2014 and does not depart much from the concept style. The saloon feels big enough to take on the likes of BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E-Class and almost indistinguishable from the old car.

The modern looking grille along with the completely new headlamps and taillights appear totally in line with the new design theme that we earlier saw on the Skoda Octavia. The car is based on the modular MQB platform and weighs 75kg less than the car it replaces. The list of Skoda Superb colours on offer includes Candy White, Magnetic Brown Metallic, Black Magic Pearl Effect and Business Grey Metallic.

Skoda Superb Interiors

Inside, there is an emphasis on horizontal lines, which, in some ways, allow the already spacious cabin to appear even more generous and airy. The glass area is big and the car gets a panoramic sunroof. The materials used are premium and the workmanship is precise. Its longer wheelbase and wider track result in even more space than in the outgoing model. The rear seat is like a sofa.

The company says that the use of MQB architecture has contributed to more cabin space. Driver and front passenger enjoy 39mm more elbow room and headroom. The rear-seat legroom (157mm) is enormous and headroom (980mm) is more than in any other model in the segment. Elbow room at the rear has been increased by 69mm. The boot space, at 625 litres, it is 30 litres more than in the outgoing model.Check for Skoda Superb price in Hyderabad at Autozhop.

The cabin is versatile. For example, the rear-seat backrest can be folded down from the boot at the touch of a button. The driver gets a rear-view camera, while the classic lever-pulled handbrake has been replaced with an auto parking brake. The cabin is so large that, to cool it down, there is a three-zone AC. We parked the car in the Delhi heat, under the sun, for about an hour. When we set the AC on auto mode, it cooled the cabin in a little over two minutes, and there was optimal temperature throughout. One of the most comfortable features is cooled front seats; at the touch of a button, tiny holes in the front seats throw cool air on your back and bottom. No part of your body will sweat when you are sitting inside the Superb. The monsoon season is approaching. No worries. There is now an umbrella in each of the two front doors.

Using the SmartLink feature, the audio player can be connected to the smartphone. Thus, you can access all the apps in your smartphone on the car’s 6.5-inch infotainment touchscreen. Mention must be made of the Canton sound system; it gets 12 speakers and 610W of very clear sound quality.

Skoda Superb Engine

At the heart of the Superb is a 1.8-litre TSI petrol and a 2.0-litre diesel engine. While we got to sample only the 177bhp churning petrol version and might I say it’s eager and willing and comfortable too. It soaks up all the undulations and though it also comes with a ‘smart’ differential for the front wheels, the softness of the suspension doesn’t really make it stand out. That said, the ride quality cannot be faulted and though it’s the ‘Made-for-Indian-roads’ version, the ride quality is absolutely sublime. The petrol version is made available with both the manual and the 7-speed DSG while the diesel is only available with a DSG box.

The DSG is one such gearbox that puts the fun in driving an automatic and there are many examples of it in the market now. There was no doubt that the Superb won’t be available in it and that’s what makes all the difference. While wading through traffic around the roads of Mangalore, it does a great job of just making you relax and take you through the mundaneness of it all. While the 4 cylinders murmur in such conditions, they start to sing when you put your foot down.For more info on Skoda Superb  check Ubvvn

There’s 250Nm of torque available from as low as 1250rpm and the 7-speed DSG helps you use every bit of it to your advantage. If you’re the kind of person who wants to take matters into his/her own hands, well, you have the Tiptronic for manual gear changes but then again, if you are a paddle shifters kind of person, there’s that too. There might be a millisecond of a delay in changing gears but clearly, I don’t want to complain and then be called petty minded. Gear changes are snappy and your fingers start working their way through them like a musician on a fiddle.

For the gearbox, your command is like an order from the king which has to be adhered to. The interesting part about this is that there is hardly any electronic intervention and the auto box will let you rev and push the needle over the redline till about 6500rpm. Sometimes it just makes you happy that the electronics don’t take you to be a moron and this car just lets you do what you want and probably, like a patient parent, says “Give him some time, he’ll learn.”

Skoda Superb Driving

According to the Skoda Superb reviews the car exceeds expectations in terms of performance and the wide range of engines on offer makes it an overall very attractive flexible package on offer. The handling of the Skoda Superb 2016 is not its strongest area but driving modes available does offer some level of support in the ride and handling department and make it quite flexible in that area.

Skoda Superb Safety

The car gets a five star rating in the Euro NCAP that says enough about the safety standards this car meets. Skoda Superb features include lane assist, adaptive cruise control system, park assist that further extend the safety.You get Skoda’s crew safety system which closes windows and tightens belts if the system detects an imminent dangerous scenario.

Skoda Superb Cost in Hyderabad

Skoda Superb On Road Price is 36,97,106/- and Ex-showroom Price is 30,99,000/- in Hyderabad. Skoda Superb comes in 6 colours, namely Magic Black,Magnetic Brown,Amethyst Royal,Candy White,Rosso Brunello,Lava Blue. Skoda Superb comes with FWD with 1798 CC Displacement and 4 Cylinders with Maximum Power 178 bhp@4000-6200 rpm and Peak Torque 320 Nm@1450-3900 rpm DRIVE TRAIN FWD and reaches 100 KMPH at Electro-Mechanic Power Steering . Skoda Superb comes with Manual Transmission with FWD .

Skoda Superb Conclusion

For Rs 23.83 lakh for the entry-level manual model, the Superb remains as value-for-money as it always was. It gets features comparable to mid-size luxury cars, is a size bigger than them, and comes at about 30% less price. Its only true competitor right now is Toyota Camry, and in the months to come it will face competition from the new Honda Accord. But the way the Superb has established itself in the segment, we doubt it will lose its leadership position any time soon.

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