Land Rover Discovery Review & Test drive

Land Rover Discovery Overview

The Land Rover Discovery has been around since 1989, and is one of the world’s most sought after and coveted SUV nameplates. Over the years, it has developed an image and reputation for being a true workhorse, a very capable off-roader, and still has a very premium appeal about it. The new Discovery 5 is now ready to rumble, and tries to take all of that legacy forward, but in a new direction. For the past few years we have seen Land Rover consciously move all its existing brands up the price scale, in order to a) create room for each brand family to grow, and b) to create new families of vehicles. We know that Range Rover will always be at the pinnacle of that pyramid, and now has a 4 member-strong family. Discovery follows, and then there will be the new Defenders. The Discovery Sport is the lower priced, smaller car, and the new Discovery 5 is the fullsized premium SUV offering. Now, to some, this will be the new 5th generation Discovery though given that two generations of the car just had massive updates, Request a test drive for Discovery in Hyderabad at Tryaldrive

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Land Rover Discovery Design & Style

The new-age Land Rover Discovery ditches that for a more sleeker design, drawing inspiration from the new Range Rover. While the traditional might not like that, one must understand that the new design has made the Discovery more aerodynamic than before, which means better dynamics and higher fuel efficiency. The sleek twin-slat grille flows in line with the sleek LED wrap around headlights. The bumper gets a busier profile with vertical air intakes and a large central air dam. The clamshell bonnet, stepped roof and the inclined C-pillars are some of the design elements taken from the previous model. The same can be seen with the the off-centre number plate plinth. Dimensionally, the new Discovery is longer, wider and has a longer wheelbase of 2923mm as compared to the LR4. Even the ground clearance has been increased to 283mm while the water wading depth too has been increased to 900mm.

Land Rover Discovery Cabin & Comfort

The Land Rover Discovery‘s interiors are are offered with high quality materials. In addition to the materials, the SUV is also offered with a 17 speaker Meridian audio system which is paired to the infotainment system. This infotainment system supports Bluetooth connectivity and also has phone as well as audio controls mounted on the steering. In addition to the steering mounted controls, the Land Rover Discovery is also offered with cruise control, automatic climate control and flexible seating. The third row can also be folded down to increase cargo space when needed.Safety system on the Land Rover Discovery include Anti lock Braking System, 8 airbags, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Brake Assist, Electronic Stability Program, Hill Hold Control, Traction Control and hill descent control which add to the safety quotient of the SUV.

Land Rover Discovery Engine & Performance

The Land Rover Discovery comes with a 3-litre turbo diesel that makes 260PS/600Nm. However, if you want more power, there is the 3-litre V6 supercharged petrol that makes 340PS at 6,500rpm and generates 450Nm at 3,500 – 5,000rpm. Both the units are mated to a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission. The Land Rover guys sent the petrol Disco’ for this test, and we weren’t complaining. Get the motor to a boil and you would instantly fall in love with the note it makes and would end up being addicted to it. The petrol motor in the Discovery is the same that does duty in the Jaguar F-Type V6, except that the state of tune is different.

Step on the throttle and the way this two-storey SUV starts moving linearly is impressive. Move past the lower revs and cross 4,500rpm, the exhaust note gets a lot sweeter. All the Discovery craves for is an empty patch where you can truly experience the full potential of the motor with the V6 screaming all the way to 6,500rpm. On the expressway, the Disco’ can effortlessly cruise at higher than usual triple digit speeds. We managed to make the Discovery reach the 100kmph mark in 8.1s. The kickdown at higher speeds is truly impressive and does come in handy during overtaking maneuvers. Supporting the motor is the lightweight 8-speed automatic transmission which helps unleash the maximum out of the motor with extremely precise and quick shifts.

Land Rover Discovery Driving Dynamics

The car’s ride is supple, though at higher speeds on smooth tarmac you will sense a touch of roll and so the car comes across as a bit floaty. You also get a sense of the car’s massive bulk when you’re driving it faster, unlike some of the modern SUVs we are now used to. But it makes up for that with a very precise and tight steering. The Discovery¬† gets Land Rover’s Terrain Response 2 with the ‘auto mode’ that monitors throttle, braking, steering response, suspension, and traction control, depending on the surface you’re on. Of course, you can manually switch to sand or grass/gravel/snow or mud/ruts or rock crawl on the terrain response dial. All Terrain Progress Control is also standard – and couples with the hill descent feature.

The car has a generous 283 mm ground clearance, a huge 500 mm wheel articulation and a generous 900 mm wading depth – that’s up 200 mm over the last Discovery. Land Rover says it’s the most capable off-road car it’s ever built – and yes I am including the Defender in this claim. Now have I got your attention? The air suspension has a 2-stage off-road mode that will see it stay higher by 75 mm at speeds of up to 50 kmph, 40 mm higher between 50 and 80 kmph, and dropping by 13 mm above 105 kmph. That gives you a total 210 mm raising/lowering range. When you come to a stop and remove the seatbelts, the car drops 15 mm. Open the door and it drops another 25 mm – to make getting out easier.

Land Rover Discovery Braking & Safety

Safety system on the Land Rover Discovery include Anti lock Braking System, 8 airbags, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Brake Assist, Electronic Stability Program, Hill Hold Control, Traction Control and hill descent control which add to the safety quotient of the SUV.

Land Rover Discovery Price in Chennai

Land Rover Discovery Ex-Showroom Price in Chennai ranges from 71,36,409/- (Discovery S Petrol) to 1,07,88,147/- (Discovery First Edition Diesel). Get best offers for Land Rover Discovery from Land Rover Dealers in Chennai. Check for Discovery price in Chennai at Carzprice

Land Rover Discovery Verdict

What really impressed us about the new Discovery that it is not just an improved iteration but is now closer to the flagship Range Rover. The new-age Discovery comes loaded with tech to spoil you with convenience as well as keep you safe with features like adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and driver condition monitoring. However, it is the supercharged V6 that keeps you going. And that is what I am going to do till Land Rover guys come and snatch the keys away from me

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