How To Use Social Media Quizzes For Your Gain

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Now that you know some of the ways you can best build out a social media quiz, let’s look at how you can use these social media quizzes as a way to engage our audience, gather meaningful feedback and build ever so important email lists!

Gather Meaningful Information and Insights

Quizzes can be a wealth of knowledge to businesses if they set them up to be that way! Although a lot of questions might not be directly actionable, look to see what answers will teach you!

For example, although Buzzfeed’s quiz above was not hosted by an ice cream corporation, if it was the answers to that quiz can teach the corporation about how well people know the ice cream product generally. This is a great way to create future content to educate and answer questions many might have!

For example, if people did not perform well on a question like “What’s the Difference Between Sorbet and Ice Cream?” you can easily write content to answer that question and give links to those products. For more details on Digital Marketing  Visit Digital marketing Hyderabad.

Like that example, social media quizzes can teach you the following about your audience:

A. Likes and dislikes

B. Knowledge of your products, services or industry

C. Brand loyalties

D. Concerns and Questions

E. Opinions and much more!

If you want to learn specific things from testing your audience, be sure to beautifully craft questions to give you that information in a fun way!

Diversify Your Paid Social Advertising Content

A lot of times, people want to see diversity in the types of posts businesses share out. So, to keep things interesting and interactive, you can use social media quizzes as a great way to diversify your paid social content! Although the process of promoting your quiz through paid advertising can require some steps, be sure to maximize your efforts by targeting certain people:

Target Audience –

You have your choices of selecting a target audience by location, demographics, behaviors and connections. By doing this, you are serving your quiz to people you actually want responses from!

Custom Audience –

It sounds complicated, but it isn’t. Creating a custom audience consists of working with a list you’ve uploaded ahead of time. Facebook then generates an audience based on that list of previous customers you’ve already worked with.

When you use paid social and target certain demographics to take your social media quiz, you are maximizing the quality of your responses and you are creating paid social that is not just a promo. This is a benefit to you as much as it is to your target audience!

Build a Lead Capture to Grow Your List

Although social media quizzes are full of fun and silly questions, at the end of the day, we are marketers trying to gather information for gain, right?

Social media quizzes are a great way to increase opt-in rates for lead captures. If you are stuck on ways you can gather meaningful information during your social media quiz, look to:

Include Incentives to Increase Opt-In Rates –

Even if trading quiz results for contact information is a fair trade as is, take it a step further and provide more value like giving a free ebook, course or content piece!

Request Information That You’ll Actually Use –

Most lead capture forms request an email address so be sure to ask for information you will actually use as a business to follow up on! It’s completely okay to request a first and last name, too. Check for SEO Services in incmanifesto

Be Honest About Your Marketing Strategy –

We live in a world that requires more transparency than ever so be sure to give your audience honesty about your intentions! This step is only necessary if you want to avoid becoming SPAM to people!

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